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Shogun Ju-Jitsu Club offers multiple classes per week, held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  We offer separate Junior and Senior classes.

Junior Class

Our Junior class is available for children aged from 4 years and upwards.  We have seen so many children grow in confidence through training in Martial Arts and many junior students have trained within NEJJKA for years with some still training now into their adulthood and are even coaches themselves!

Ju-Jitsu offers so many benefits for children including:-

  • Confidence around others

  • Discipline

  • Courtesy

  • Respect

  • Core and Body Strength Building

  • Brain and Memory Development

  • Skill and Reflexes Sharpen

  • Speed and Reaction Quicken

  • Constant Praise raises Self Esteem

  • Encouragement

  • From Beginner to Black Belt

  • Growing in confidence 

  • Learning self defence 

  • Meeting new friends


Senior Class

Our Senior class is open to adults and Juniors aged 16 years and older (where agreed with the coaching team).  There are so many benefits for adults training in the art of Ju-Jitsu including:

  • Physical activity improves fitness and helps you to feel good.

  • Improving suppleness, strength and mobility which have a lifelong positive influence on the body.

  • Learn Self defence.

  • Gain confidence as you move up through the belts.

  • Develop your skills over time, including speed and reaction quickening.

  • Meet new friends through the social aspect of training with others.

  • Black Belt and beyond is achievable.

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